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If I told you it’s possible to become a master at styling your outfits with the perfect accessories each and every time, would you believe me?

One of the (many) reasons getting dressed is so fun is the freedom to show the world your style. Whether you like keeping things simple or prefer to make a statement, incorporating accessories into your look is always a good idea. And with spring upon us, it’s the perfect excuse to update your collection! Need some help?

Well, get ready to boost your accessorizing confidence! Paparazzi Style...


It’s so fascinating that women struggle with shopping because it requires nothing more than buying the things you are drawn to.  Accessories are typically one-size-fits-all.
  So, why the hesitation and avoidance of buying accessories?  I’m not entirely sure why women avoid it.  Honestly, our accessories are only $5.

There are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces of jewelry available at providing you with countless styling options for just $5. The trick is to discover which pieces add the best finishing touches to your outfit.

Here are  jewelry tips and tricks, so you get it right each and every time:

Each piece must add value to your (entire) outfit. As Coco Chanel infamously recommended, “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.” It’s great advice and still holds true. I also recommend checking to see if you need to add another piece of jewelry before you leave the house too – over-accessorizing and under-accessorizing are common jewelry errors. Just because it’s pretty or sentimental does not mean you should wear it with every outfit and just because you’re a serious professional does not mean you can’t have fun with your Accessories.


Each piece is versatile and can be worn in so many different ways.

The whole point of accessories is to add additional interest to an outfit. A great jewelry buy is when it’s not only $5 but a beautiful piece, but it complements several of your outfits.


This is actually one of favorite things about Paparazzi Accessories wearing “matchy-matchy”  99% of the time makes it easier to accessorize.
 Our necklaces comes with matching earrings  for $5 or a matching bracelet $10.
 Plus it will  add additional value to an outfit – , but more importantly,  Even if you break up the jewelry set and wear it separately, it’s adding a new fresh touch or excitement to your daily outfits.

Are you constantly changing up your jewelry or do you have a few go-to pieces that you wear most of the time?


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