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Hostess Of The Month Club

Posted by Shani King on

Do you LOVE Paparazzi Accessories?
 This is for YOU!!
I am starting a new hostess of the month club in February! It’s a fun group of 6 ladies who order online or with me a minimum of $35 a month for 6 months ( or collect a $35 order if you decide not to order ) and in turn you get to be the HOSTESS for those orders and get the free and half off rewards TWICE that year, once for each season. It is lots of fun and you get special treats mailed with your look books each time. It allows you to buy your favorites from the look book throughout the year and get your gifts you need like birthday, Christmas, wedding and baby showers, graduation. Mother’s Day, Easter etc….while getting the hostess rewards too!! And you are not required to have a home party or anything the months you are the hostess if you don’t want to. ( many will have some kind of party to collect more order to help their total but you are not required )
The first SIX ladies get the spot!!! Let me know if this is something you would be interested in. If you have questions let me know….or if you have someone who may be interested!!

SO…basically…either YOU can place an order, or use your Hostess of the Month Grab bag I send you (with a look book and order forms) to share with your friends and collect one $35 order a month! In turn, one of those months YOU will earn all hostess benefits and get to stock up on all those gift giving things you need to buy anyway!! smile emoticon
Message me for more details or if YOU would like to be a part of my very first Hostess of the Month Club!

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