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Host A CGS Accessories Party

Posted by Shani King on

Are you wondering what a Facebook Party is? You’re not alone.

Iv’e been asked this question several times this week. So I thought I would create a page to explain it.

A Facebook party is a fast, fun way to to host a Paparazzi Accessories Party. There is no house to clean, no food to make and no orders to deliver!

Here’s how it works

I create a Facebook event. I post pictures, information, Paparazzi videos, etc to the Facebook wall. So your guests can get educated about the products.

I send you a friends request on Facebook – don’t worry, you can un-friend me after the party is over if you want to and I promise I won;t be offended.

I invite you to the Facebook event, you RSVP yes, and I change you from Guest to Hostess.

Then you invite your Friends.

You email or message them an evite I create especially for your party.

You post about it a couple of times on your personal Facebook wall.

And you maybe even make a few phone calls to remind your closest friends about the party.

During the event

The event typically lasts 30 minutes to 7 days. Party Guests come to the Facebook event wall and browse the info and videos I have pre-posted. They can ask you and I questions and interact with us and with each other. Then, when their ready, they go shop through your party link.

When the party closes, their orders ship directly to their doorstep.

How easy is that?




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