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Chill Wear Sweatshirts (POS)

Posted by Shani King on

Warm up, jog or just lounge around with the CGS Chill Wear Sweatshirts from CGS Clothing.

The Chill Wear Sweatshirts are a basic part of any wardrobe. They are the ultimate in casual wear: comfortable, soft, and  available in numerous styles. People don't always realize the range of styles that our CGS sweatshirts offer. Whether it is a simple light piece for layering or a stylish, hoodie, anyone looking for a sweatshirt will easily find what they want at

Chill  sweatshirts are by far the most popular type of sweatshirt.  This style, the sleeves extend all the way down to the wearer's wrists. Most sweatshirts have cuffs at the wrist that pull the sleeve tight, which is great for warmth.

Crew sweatshirts are the most basic type of sweatshirt: They have a rounded crew neck without a hood, and they usually have a closed front with no zippers or fasteners.

Although the CGS Chill Wear sweatshirt is always available online at
However it is now available through point of sale (POS) thought out metro Detroit and Eastern Michigan.

Enjoy your shipping experience with CGS Clothing!

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