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One of the reasons getting dressed is so fun is the freedom to really showcase your signature style. Whether you like keeping things simple or prefer to make a Statement.  Incorporating jewelry into your look is always a good idea. With winter upon us, it’s the perfect excuse to update your collection!
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Fashion trends are constantly changing, which may leave you wondering how to wear trendy, fashionable jewelry and clothing. Wearing  jewelry should be a creative endeavor, opening you up to new styles and fashion possibilities. Because CGS Accessories is so affordable for $5 and it comes in so many different styles, you can experiment with new fashionable jewelry whenever your wardrobe needs a lift. If your current look is leaving you bored, You definitely deserve some new accessories.
 Use these tips to wear fun and trendy jewelry with everything you own.

Opt for color: One of the best ways to embrace fashion jewelry trends is to choose colorful pieces. Colorful jewelry is wonderful for Your collection of black pants, grey sweaters and beige shirt dresses are easily enhanced with bright pink gemstone rings, blue glass drop earrings, purple beaded bracelets and oversized yellow pendants. Use fashionable jewelry to inject your daily look with bright splashes of color.

Choose pieces with personality: The most fashionable outfits are those that match your personal tastes. Rather than selecting the most popular CGS jewelry, choose jewelry with unique and interesting details. If you love animals, wear owl necklaces, like sports get your team color  earrings and black rings. If you like tribal styles, wear leather bracelets and gold stackable rings. Don't hesitate to wear a unique combination of fashionable jewelry that portrays your individuality.


Flash Back
Creating a great look with fashionable jewelry is often as easy as looking at past pictures of your folks.. Vintage-inspired pieces are back and  can help you craft a 1960s style or a 1980s outfit. Elongated beaded necklaces go beautifully with colorful maxi dresses and smocked sundresses. Leather cuffs will accent your skinny jeans and high-top sneakers perfectly. An oversized gemstone cocktail ring is a fabulous addition to a tailored 1950s dress. Gemstones are not out of the question when shopping  At CGS Accessories. Many semiprecious gemstones are available and affordable $5. Look for stunning aquamarine, jade, turquoise, amethyst, marcasite, peridot, garnet and iolite when shopping for vintage-inspired fashion jewelry. Choose fashionable jewelry that will help you express your retro side.

You Will definitely enjoy your shopping experience with so many ways to shop.
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