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Tie Dye Camisole

Posted by William Wilborn on


Listen up ladies... if you don't own one (or two or three!) of our basic seamless camisoles you need to get with the program

Check out our Tie Dye Camisoles at  Seen here being worn beautifully by our brand ambassador in downtown Royal Oak, Mi. It accents her lovely lipstick Freedom, by Kylie Jenner very well. Camisoles available in two different color schemes turquoise and brown and also hot pink and yellow at 



We're not trying to be pushy or anything, but honestly this tiny garment of clothing will be a lifesaver for all your fashion needs. It's perfect for daywear or evening wear, can be layered with tops or worn alone, or act as a basic foundation for sheer tops and blouses. It's crafted from the softest of materials so you'll love how it feels against your skin. Has very thin, vertical, baby ribbing. With a wide range of colors you could snap up multiples to go with everything in your wardrobe!


You have artistic sensibilities so you'll love that our basic seamless camisole received a little makeover with this colorful tie dyed version! Your already colorful wardrobe will get an added artistic oomph with this spaghetti strapped, scoop neck camisole top! A blend of super soft cotton and spandex makes this seamless top and ease to wear and a breeze to wash and go


Model: Darrein Bross 

Pictures Taken by Courtney Blackett

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