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Plan Your Theme Party!!

Posted by Shani King on

Cgs Accessories have some really good party ideas! I'll list the few I am thinking of, and the hostess benefits but the possibilities are endless. If you have an idea of a party you want to do let me know!

Of course A home party is always an option. I bring all my products and you just shop! No long speeches about our products or look books. I bring the goodies and We share them with your guest  Cash and carry, quick and easy! Would be great for a girls night in with some wine (Jewels and Juice) we could call this!

We can also do a online party, I set up a Facebook event for you, you invite your guests and they shop. You don't have to clean your house, cook food or entertain. You sit on your couch and get free stuff! (Paparazzi pajama party)

I offer basket parties too! I fill  up a basket full of accessories and you take it to work, soccer practice, school, chruch,  wherever you want and sell the stuff in the basket! You return the basket to me at the end of the week (or how ever long you want) with the remaining accessories and money. You then pick out all your free goodies just for walking around with a basket! How easy is that?! (Bling basket party)

The next one I am excited for. I don't think people realize that CGS accessories has a kids line too! And of course we all need a break from our kids sometimes but wouldn't it be really fun to take them to a house party with you and you both enjoy it! I was thinking a mother daughter party. This would be a house party where you invite your friends and their daughters. You all have a great time spending time together playing games, eating,  meeting new mommy's and grabbing some cute affordable accessories at the same time! (Mommy & Me dazzle party!)

I also have a wonderful idea for just kids! How about a paparazzi princess birthday party?! You invite as many children as you like and let them each shop and pick out 3 accessories. The children's (Shimmer) line is $2 a piece or 3 for $5, therefore you would only spend $5 per kid for this party! Where can you go to have a party this cheap?! I will give the birthday girl her jewels for free and bring cute tiaras for every child to wear at the party so they feel like a paparazzi princess. We even have paparazzi temporary tattoos I can put on!! I love kids so I think this party would be a blast! The girls could even play dress up and have a fashion show to model their new jewels after they shop! (Paparazzi princess party)

This next party would be for the busy person. We could have a quick morning party. You get some muffins, coffee, and mimosas and let people shop. They get in and get out and you still have your whole day to do things! (Rise and SHINE party)

I have a few more ideas I will list them below

Here are some examples:

1. Clothing-Themed Events: Wear a specific clothing item. Some ideas include Tailgate (wear team jersey), PJs & Popcorn (wear pajamas), Ugly Sweater Party (Christmas) and Kentucky Derby (wear a fancy hat).

2. Wine-Themed Events: Bring a wine label that describes your personality. Plungerhead, Arrogant Frog, Bitch and French Maid (yes, these are real wines) are some that come to mind, and will get the laughs rolling.

3. Food-Themed Events: Bring copies of your fave recipe to share, or a food item like a banana for a banana split party or ice cream toppings for an ice cream sundae party.

4. Summer-Themed Events: Hold a best-in-thong contest, as in footwear – not bikini bottoms.

5. Color-Themed Events: Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness (or color associated with a cause), Red for Christmas/Valentines/4th of July, Green for St. Patty’s and try a Black & White Party for any other month.

6. Contest-Themed Events: Bring/wear the contest item. Examples include: Ugly Sweater, Ugly Candle, Cutest Purse, Best-In-Shoe, and Scariest Halloween Mask

Here are 50+ Theme Party Ideas to get you started:

Days of the Week Theme Party Ideas
Mudslide Monday
Margarita Monday
Tasty Tuesday
‘Tini Tuesday
Tropical Tuesday
Sweet Tea Tuesday
Wine Down Wednesday
Hump Day Happy Hour
Thirsty Thursday
#TBT Ladies Night
#TGIF Girl’s Night
Sunday Funday

Clothing Theme Party Ideas
Kentucky Derby Party
80s Girl’s Night Out
PJs & Popcorn
Tailgate Party
LBD Party
Halloween Mask Party
Mardi Gras Mask Party
Ugly Sweater Party
Red, White & Blue Party

Summer Theme Party Ideas
Deck Party
Pool Party
Patio Party
Frozen Drink Party
Red, White & You
Christmas In July/August
Beach Ball Party
Hawaiian Luau
Light Up The Night (Bonfire) Party

Charity Theme Party Ideas
Pretty In Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness
Lady In Red: Womens’ Heart Health
Dress In Blue: Colon Cancer, Autism
Purple Passion: Alzheimer’s Disease
Red, White & You: American Cancer Society, Red Cross

Booze & Food Theme Party Ideas
Wine & Cheese
‘Ritas & Fajitas
(Jello) Shots & Scents
Sangria & Sandals
Bubbles & Bling
Bagels & Bloodys
Cupcakes & Cocktails
Touchdowns & Tacos
Red, White & You
Ice Cream Social
Banana Split Party
Candlelight Lunch
Mimosas & Memories
Pizza & Prizes
PJs & Popcorn
S’more Fun
Burgers & Brews
Brews & Bonfires

Holiday Theme Party Ideas
Ugly Sweater
Cookie Swap
Winter Wine-Down
Snow Ball
Jingle Bell Shop
Bonfire Party
Secret Santa
Ornament Exchange
‘Tinis & Tinsel
Christmas Luau
Bubbles and Bling

Ladies Night Out Theme Party Ideas
Mommy’s Time Out
Forty & Fabulous
MoDa Party (Mother Daughter)
Sip, Shop, Taste
Single & Sassy
Fabulous 50’s
Manis and Massages
Spa Party

 "You" As a host of any one of these parties you will get a free piece of jewelry right off the back. Then you get additional pieces for every 10 pieces sold at your party. At $5 a piece those 10 pieces are a piece of cake and you could end up with a great amount of accessories. You also could receive more! For every person that books a party from your party you get another FREE piece!

If you need more information about hosting A party click here

If any of these parties interest you or you have an idea of your own please contact me asap! !

Who's ready to host an awesome theme party?

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