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Onesie Decorating Station

Posted by Shani King on

🖤 Who’s ready for something new!?!?  🖤

Some Baby showers can be fun.  They also can be boring 😁 if you find yourself trying to unscramble the same ole baby items and looking at dirty diapers.  At your next shower, You should make your Shower REALLY fun by decorating onesies and bibs for the baby to be!  Plus Everyone will have a wonderful time making something that will be incredibly useful after the baby arrives.

👶🏻 Are you Hosting a baby shower? Why not ADD a onesie decorating station!! Not only is it a ton of fun but you essentially get three items All in one!!
1. Guests have fun designing a personalized onesie or bib for the mom-to-be!
2. Once they are made, you can hang them up for instant decorations!
3. Mom-To-Be gets to take home 24 one-of-a-kind gifts made with love.!

We will set up a Onesie area at your Shower. Guest will choose a designs many choices available .

 Guest will Place designs on one of the 12 Onesies or Bibs different color options available.  We will use a Heat Press to press designs onto the onesie or bib!

Once completed Mom-to-be will pick her favorite onesie and bib. The winners will receive a prize.

You choose theme. Or color of Onesie and bibs.

And here’s the best part!!! Set up is only $399.00 Must secure date with $100 deposit.

Email me To Secure your date, Or ask questions/and pricing! 🤗


Available locations Wanye, Oakland & Washtenaw county


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