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Magic Mugs

Posted by Shani King on

Magic Mugs have arrived at CGS Clothing.

Join the color-changing mugs ☕ Experience the magic! Great gift idea for Mom or Grandparents, Co-workers, and everyone else on your list.😁

Simply add a hot beverage to your personalized mug to reveal your hidden image.
When your new mug is at room trmperature, or when cold, the mug appears to be plain black in color.

However by adding hot liquids brings your mug to life!

All Mugs are 11oz, black outside.

You can get presents for anyone on your list without breaking the bank! Plus, you can order all these right from this blog and have them conveniently shipping to your house.
All you have to do is wrap them or better yet, put them in a gift bag and you’re done



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