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Happy legs

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Wear them daily around town, in yoga class or the gym.

Whether we're heading to a workout class or simply out for breakfast, this once gym wear-exclusive item is easily elevated when styled correctly. Get inspired by this season's athleisure trends.

Our Capri pants and leggings are very durable and even work great in the water. Wear them when your swimming, surfing, or diving. They provide protection from the sun and UV Sun Protection from damaging sun-rays, harsh ocean conditions and uncomfortable chafing.

CGS leggings can be dried in a dryer without losing its shape or dramatically changing in size. It also dries rather quickly, because the material does not absorb or hold on to moisture.

“I think wearing your CGS Leggings all day is more than acceptable,” says Elizabeth. "Branded CGS leggings & tanks.
It’s a trend. People of all ages are wearing their CGS Leggings all day now". 

If you're like us, comfort is the spice of life. Which is why it's no surprise we're constantly trying to figure out new ways to incorporate leggings into our everyday outfits.

Whether it’s in leggings with a bomber jacket and a killer pair of heels,

Or with a t-shirt and sneakers. We love how versatile the legging has become.

Two is better than one. Shop unforgettable matching sets at CGS Clothing — find crop tops,, tank & legging sets and Capri sets & more cool combos in various styles.

A must-have in your wardrobe! Our exclusive lips tee looks awesome paired with our kiss me legging.. Finish up the look with your  fave sneakers, Hopefully CGS lol.

Pretty lightning bomber jacket and matching leggings, Socks & Sneakers
Collection only from CGS Clothing

Obviously Leggings aren’t just for the yoga mat anymore. Get your very own pair of leggings now

We have so many options available for you to choose from.
Which one is your favorite?

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