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Exclusive fall collection

Posted by Shani King on

It is said that a man always looks his best in jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt.  So don't you want to get noticed? Shall we get serious about our tees.

 You can pair it with almost everything from a jacket, hoodie, and even short sleeve CGS T-Shirt. In case you are experimenting with layers, you can use your CGS  T-shirt over a long sleeve one. Both are made from breathable materials.  There is no problem wearing it in the summer too. As long as the colors match, and wear with your favorite pair of jeans.

Join the CGSHOOD by proudly wearing the new chill wear.

The CGS Hoodie not only helps you resist the temperature difference of the day and night, The most needed fashion item is the hoodie, because it can perfectly match all kinds jeans. And you can wear all year-round.

With a variety of color options and possibility of combinations, The CGS Hoodie & the CGS long sleeve T-Shirts are likely the most versatile piece of clothing you will have in your closet. They are casual, but not as informal as their short sleeve brothers;. They are warm, but not as restrictive as a sweater and they are modern, but not as sophisticated as a formal shirt. You can go classic with the baseball-raglan or sweatshirt. Wear any as a stand-alone outerwear or make it the base of your outfit. Once again, many different styles of hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts and leggings are available shop

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