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CGS Accessories FAQ

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Jewelry Care: 

-Clean your jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth to remove any body oil; lotion & perfume.
 This also helps your jewelry to shine.  
-Do not shower, sleep or swim in your jewelry.  
-Do not spray perfume on your jewelry.
-Do not wear your jewelry while you exercise to protect it from sweat.
-Do not store your jewelry in places like the bathroom where there is excessive moisture.  Place a silca gel pack in your jewelry container to help absorb moisture in the atmosphere.

Q: Is the jewelry worth all the hype?
A: Absolutely, The jewelry is totally darling. It will change the way you look and feel for a REASONABLE price. All of your friends and family will want to know where you got all your wonderful pieces. Once they find out the $5.00 price, good luck in keeping them out of your home! 

Q. What is the jewelry made of?
A.  Everything is nickel free and lead free.  It is made of steel and aluminum.

Q: I know people who have sold jewelry at parties and other events. How is this any different? 
A: Maybe you have attended a party where the jewelry is $30 and up.  In this economy, that is a large amount to spend and many either feel guilty for spending that much or don't buy a single item.  Paparazzi is different. Everything is $5.00. Time and time again people see the selection and keep asking, "are you sure this is only $5.00?" You seriously have to try it to believe it.

1. Never wear large  earrings together with a large necklace! It’s an overly exaggerated look, even for people with long necks.


2. People with short necks should not wear maxi necklaces on top of a high neck blouse like many do, or wear chokers that are too tight either.


3. Wearing silver, gold and pink tone jewelry at the same time is permitted. There was a time when mixing these metallic tones was not okay.

4. Bracelets and rings go together really well! They don’t have to be match as long as they complement each other.


5. Layering necklaces is okay as long as you maintain a discreet look; one can be longer and thinner, and one can have more details, as long as one doesn’t compromise the look of the other.


6. Invest in finer and more classic fashion jewelry pieces that never go out of style. Pearls and stones are always great allies


7. The stones used in rings, necklaces and earrings do not have to be the same color or style. The important thing is for them to match well.

8. Buy pieces that are in style in moderation, so that you aren’t stuck with lots of the same jewelry when it’s no longer trending.

9. Women with larger fists shouldn’t use too many bracelets at the same time. Women with large hips shouldn’t either since your hands are usually in that area and you’ll only draw more attention to the area you are usually trying to avoid.

10. Focus on one area that you want to stand out, such as your ears, hands, neck, etc. and then you can mix in some simple pieces to balance out your look

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